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5 Big Benefits of Accordion Shutters  Most long-time Floridians are well-versed in the process of hurricane  preparation. But even long-held routines can benefit from modern,  streamlined storm solutions—such as, for example, the installation of  accordion shutters on your home’s windows!  Are you wondering if this storm protection option is right for you  and your home? We’ve got you covered! Read on to learn about five big  benefits of accordion shutters, and how they may be able to simplify  your storm preparedness plan this season and for years to come.  No need for the shutter scramble…  If you find yourself rushing to prepare your home’s hurricane  protection every time a storm is forecasted, you may benefit from a  dependable, long-term solution. Accordion shutters are housed beside  your windows or doors when not in use—and because they are affixed to  your home, you won’t need to take stock of your shutters or dig them out  of storage whenever there’s the possibility of a storm. This gives you  more time to focus on other storm preparation measures, or simply  spending quality time with family as you keep your eye on the forecast.  … or seasonal storage  By being attached to your home all year long, accordion shutters also  offer another big advantage—you don’t need to set aside any storage  space for them! This is, naturally, a big benefit for homeowners. If  you’re short on storage space, accordion shutters allow you to reserve  more space for storing things like bikes, DIY projects, outdoor gear and  whatever else you may need.  Convenient use  Accordion shutters are one of the most convenient storm protection  options, since they can be made “storm-ready” in seconds. Plus, one  person can easily prepare the shutters, so you won’t need to worry about  gathering a crew together for help. Accordion shutters can be  especially useful in harder-to-reach spots, like your second-story  windows.  Storm protection you can count on  Accordion shutters may be easy to use, but they are just as resilient  as traditional shutters when it comes to withstanding high winds and  debris during hurricanes! When you use accordion shutters, you can be  confident knowing that your home is protected from the elements outside.  Quick turnaround time  at Addison Metal , so not only are you receiving a trusted,  quality product, but you are able to enjoy quick turnaround time, too!  This is perfect for those who want to amp up their hurricane  preparedness measures in a short amount of time as they look ahead  toward the rest of the season.  With accordion shutters, Miami-Dade residents can protect their  home from the elements with greater convenience than ever before.  In addition to accordion shutters, we have over 20 years of experience in Roof and  hurricane shutter expertise. Let us show you what we can do to make your  home a more safe. Learn more by  calling Addison Metal today