1) Long Lasting and Durability  Quality concrete tiles, like the ones sold by Horn Brothers Roofing, should last an average of 30 to 50 years. These tiles are made to last  for a beautiful and hardwearing roof for your home. When installed  correctly, concrete roof tiles are resistant to hail, ice, snow, and watertight. Because of their composition, they cannot burn, curl, rot, or rust.  Plus, concrete roofing is a system of overlapping, waterproof tiles,  resulting in an almost impenetrable roof.   2) Flexibility and Variety  Contemporary concrete tiles are commonly made from a blend of cement, graded sands, pigments, and  formed into numerous tile colors, patterns, and designs. Plus, they can  also be fixed to any surface, including close to vertical.  As such, they can be used as a decorative feature on gables or exterior walls. Another widespread application of this roofing alternative is to add curb appeal and protection to a home or tie it into the whole look of the lot.  Furthermore, they can be installed at all temperatures, from near 0 to 120 degrees or more.   3) Comfort Indoors  Concrete tiles allow better circulation of air than other roofing materials above and below them, so the result is that they can release heat  energy better. This helps to maintain the temperature inside your home  at a comfortable level.   4) Sound Performance  These tiles are recommended for high noise areas, as they can reduce external noise by as much as 30 decibels.   5) Low Maintenance  One of the most attractive characteristics of concrete tiles is that their maintenance is minimal and is generally limited to  gutters, protrusion flashing, and venting. If a section of the roof  system needs modification or is damaged, only the affected tiles require  replacement or removal.